New leadership for alumni in Nigeria

23 April 2018

Freshwater ecologist, Dr Emmanuel Olusegun Akindele, is the new President and country coordinator of the Nigerian TBA Alumni Group (NTBA). Dr Akindele, who is a lecturer in the Department of Zoology at Obafemi Awolowo University was elected, along with deputy President Michael Ekwemuka, who is Project Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Programme/Niger Delta Biodiversity Project.

The new executive team take over the reins following a decade of dynamic leadership under Dr Fola Babalola, who established a vibrant community of conservation scientists in Nigeria, and oversaw a programme of co-ordinated research and capacity building events. Dr Babalola, whose research focus is Forest Economics, is senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Ilorin.

In a message to the TBA and the wider alumni network following his election, Dr Akindele wrote:

“We consider it a great honour and service to the TBA and our nation.” 

He added: “May I also seize this opportunity to appreciate the indefatigable Dr Fola Babaloa and his team for their tireless service over the years.”

One of the largest of the fifteen national TBA Alumni Groups across Africa, NTBA has organised six conferences in Nigeria to date. These events provide a regular platform for students, researchers, academics and stakeholders to discuss biodiversity conservation, sustainable issues and climate change, and to develop recommendations.

Dr Akindele urged TBA alumni and NTBA supporters to reinforce their efforts and their commitment to ensure that the NTBA continues to strengthen and to have more impact. The new executive are currently discussing their plans and priorities for the coming years. Watch this space!

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