TBA African Alumni Group (TAAG)

We put people at the heart of conservation, giving them the skills and support they need to be effective on the ground.
Collaboration Beyond TBA Courses

Conservation Colleagues For Life

As a voice for young conservationists across Africa, our alumni created the TBA African Alumni Group (TAAG). The TAAG promotes the conservation of Africa’s threatened biodiversity by sharing knowledge and building the capacity of the next generation.

It achieves this by organising a unique event, the African Student Conference on Conservation Science, which gives students from across the continent the opportunity to present their work, share ideas and learn new approaches to conservation.

“You are a critical part of Africa’s future. I have high expectations of you and the role you can play to safeguard Africa’s biodiversity and to sustain its climate for the future.”

His Excellency John Kufuor

former President of Ghana and Current UN Special Envoy of Climate Change

TBA Annual Alumni Conference

African Student Conference on Conservation Science

Ghana hosted the second conference in June 2015, building on the success of the first event, held in Kenya in 2013. Over four days, around 100 participants from 18 countries gained direct insight into key conservation issues from a panel of outstanding speakers, student presentations and discussion.

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