Training Conservation Leaders

The Tropical Biology Association has been training the conservation leaders of tomorrow since 1995. Our programmes work on the ground in Africa and Asia, empowering students to make a positive, physical impact on the natural environment.

Impact On The Ground

Capacity Building Matters

The TBA gives scientists the skills, support and confidence to manage natural resources in tropical regions effectively and sustainably. We do this through tailor-made courses coupled with long-term support. We work together with local partners and a global network of experts.

Our training works because it is relevant and innovative, building the capacity of conservation scientists to benefit communities and biodiversity. The TBA stands out because the scientists we train go on to make a positive impact to conservation on the ground.

The Tropical Biology Association has launched the careers of over 2,000 environmental scientists, half from 29 countries in Africa and from Asia. 100% of them still tell us about their progress 10 years after their TBA training. Many are now leading conservationists, working in research, government and NGOs.

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For Students

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Changing Lives Through Conservation

Partner With Us

TBA provide bespoke, specialist consultancy and programmes for conservation and research institutions.

Our tailor-made training helps organisations fill any skills gaps they have identified with our experienced team.

Support Us

Our supporters are a vital component of TBA’s work and include individuals, grant-giving organisations, foundations and businesses.

Join us in expanding and strengthening the potent force of committed conservationists who are bringing about change.

TBA has created an excellent platform for providing capacity for the next generation, giving people a broader picture of conservation. By passing on this knowledge, we are increasing the base of young people who can fight to protect the forests for the future.”

Charles Meshack
Director of the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group


We have worked with many organisations and charities on the past for funding, training and consultancy. We look to build long last relationships in order to foster collaboration and to further the development and education of the conservation leaders of tomorrow.