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Our programmes work on the ground in Africa and Asia, empowering students to make a positive, physical impact on the natural environment. We have a range of courses available to cater to a range of needs and objectives, from student field courses to bespoke programmes and training created for larger organisations.

Both our field courses and specialist courses can be tailor-made to meet your training needs – this includes face-to-face and online options.

Field Courses 

Launch your career in conservation with our month-long courses in tropical ecology and conservation.

These courses are for students at advanced undergraduate or early postgraduate level who have a keen interest, but little experience, in tropical biology.

Specialist Courses 

If you are looking to further improve skills in a professional capacity, then you may benefit from taking part in our specialist courses.

These courses provide tailor-made training for teams and organisations and target specific areas for growth.

Our field courses and specialist courses have been fine-tuned over many years, and have an immediate and tangible impact on people who take part. Our training, both online and in-person, is delivered by experienced practitioners and is renowned for being engaging, interactive and relevant. Hundreds of people have taken our training, improved their practice and recommended us to others.

“In Africa, there is barely a country where we don’t have TBA alumni at a senior level, conserving species, or ecosystems. This is an incredible achievement.”
Ishmael Dodoo

Special Policy Advisor to the United Nations

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If you’d like to discuss any of our training courses or bespoke designed training, the teaching, learning and skills team would be delighted to help you.

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The Tropical Biology Association is opposed to all forms of prejudice and believes that every person deserves the right to live free from discrimination. Our courses bring together people from different cultures, backgrounds and gender and promote a culture of mutual respect and understanding. We support the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights that says “every individual shall have the duty to respect and consider [their] fellow beings without discrimination, and to maintain relations aimed at promoting, safeguarding and reinforcing mutual respect and tolerance”.