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We put people at the heart of conservation, giving them the skills and support they need to be effective on the ground.
“The TBA gave me an experience that shaped my career, enhancing my leadership and research capacity. Today, I am raising protégés of my own.”

Faith Milkah Muniale, Kenya.

Our alumni network is a global community of conservation scientists who transform our training into action and impact. With the ongoing support we give them, they use their new skills to conserve threatened habitats for the benefit of people and biodiversity in their own countries.

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The TBA has launched the careers of over 2000 environmental scientists from more than 50 countries world-wide. Many are now leading conservationists, or hold senior positions in government and non-government organisations.

A remarkable 90% of TBA alumni stay in touch with us which means we can continue to support them and follow their success. They tell us about their progress, and time and again they thank us for making their achievements possible.

“The cumulative impact of these individuals on improving natural resources management in Uganda is enormous.”
Director of Nature Uganda
Uganda’s biggest conservation organisation.