Our Impact

We put people at the heart of conservation, giving them the skills and support they need to maximise their impact on the ground.

Training Courses

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Investing In People

TBA alumni and the institutions we support are making a positive impact in conservation on the ground. They are using their new skills to manage natural environments sustainably, for the benefit of people and biodiversity.

A remarkable 90% of our alumni are in contact with TBA. That means we are able to measure our impact through the conservation success stories of the alumni we have trained and supported.

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Conservation Champions

Significant numbers of our alumni are now in influential positions, shaping conservation policy and practice in their own countries. Some have launched new organisations to strengthen conservation; others focus on research to build a better knowledge base; and some have become teachers themselves.

A Multiplier Effect

Inspired by their TBA experience, alumni across Africa have set up TBA Alumni Groups. These groups are a powerful legacy: multiplying TBA’s impact by helping to train the next generation of conservation biologists.
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TBA training is strengthening the capacity of Africa’s most influential conservation institutions
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Supporting Institutions

TBA’s specialist courses provide tailored training for conservation organisations to fill the skills gaps that they identify as priority. This has a tangible impact, increasing effectiveness of individuals, and teams, to address key challenges on a local and national level.

Practical Solutions

TBA alumni join forces to launch practical conservation projects that are tackling national conservation priorities.
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TBA is a founder member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative; a collaboration of leading biodiversity conservation organisations and the University of Cambridge. CCI seeks to transform global understanding and secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

TBA is a co-organiser of the Student Conference on Conservation Science — the only annual forum specifically organised for young conservation scientists to deepen their knowledge, share ideas and build networks.