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Welcome To Your Alumni Community

Congratulations. You are now a part of our community of over 2,500 alumni around the world who have been empowered through TBA training.

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conservation field training in Africa

Current Specialist Courses

If you are looking to further improve skills in a professional capacity, then you may benefit from taking part in our specialist courses. These courses provide tailor-made training for teams and organisations and target specific areas for growth.

conservation field training in Africa

About Specialist Courses

TBA specialist courses provide tailor-made training for conservation and research organisations to fill skills gaps they identify as priority.

conservation field training in Africa

TBA African Alumni Group

A biannual conference setup by TBA alumni to promote knowledge exchange and support career development. Students and conservationists come together from all across Africa. Find out the latest information in the group and the next conference.

two women on tropical field trip

Alumni Conservation Projects

See the latest conservation projects in a variety of areas including education, wetlands, species research, community and more.

conservation field training in Africa

Alumni Groups

Looking to connect with other TBA alumni? Find an alumni group in your country and who to contact. There are 15 alumni groups in Africa, each sharing newly acquired skills and experience and carrying out conservation projects in their own countries.
Tropical Biology Association field work camp

Alumni Stories

Stay up to date with the latest success stories from other TBA Alumni. Please also get in contact if you have any exciting news or projects to share.

TBA is a founder member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative; a collaboration of leading biodiversity conservation organisations and the University of Cambridge. CCI seeks to transform global understanding and secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

TBA is a co-organiser of the Student Conference on Conservation Science — the only annual forum specifically organised for young conservation scientists to deepen their knowledge, share ideas and build networks.