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2 February 2015

Darlington Tuagben — the first Liberian on a TBA course (Amani 2009) — has been appointed the Assistant Managing Director of Operations at Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority by the president of Liberia, Her Excellency Hellen Sirleaf Johnson.

Darlington has his work cut out to help Liberia achieve its ‘Agenda for Transformation’ goals as set out in the country’s Vision 2030: degradation of the county’s natural resources was one consequence of the recent period of civil strife. Fortunately, Liberia still boasts of invaluable natural resources that need the kind of expertise that Darlington has acquired. Darlington holds a Masters degree in Conservation Biology from South Africa and a BSc degree in Natural Resource Management from Ghana.

Informing TBA of the good news of his appointment, Darlington said: “I am very confident that with the training and support you provided me over the years, I will make greater impact especially in the (Liberia’s) reform process”. While noting the appointment has “long term benefit in achieving [his] career goal” Darlington believes he has what is takes accomplish what is expected of him in this challenging new position.

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