Earth Optimism 2020

11 March 2020

Human activities over the past decades have more often than not, interfered with global ecosystems. This is evidenced by the rapid increase in environmental degradation manifested through, species extinction, climate change, and deforestation among others.  Globally, the news on this gradual decline of the environment has often overshadowed positive cases of efforts placed towards curbing biodiversity threats. As expected, this has cast a dark shadow on the outlook on conservation actions taken towards sustaining the environment.

The need to shed light on the various endeavors taken to conserve the earth’s ecosystem is necessary as an encouragement for individuals to carry on the trend of protecting biodiversity. In comes Earth Optimism, a day set aside to change the conservation tone from gloom and doom to optimism and opportunity. With all the ongoing negatives highlighted, Earth Optimism sets forward the journey of solutions, giving a chance to showcase conservation stories of hope. It presents the numerous achievements in conservation which are often disregarded.

First held in 2017 in US ( , Earth Optimism, now celebrated every year in April, has grown as a global movement that has enhanced the realization that environmental sustainability is achievable. This year, in addition to other countries including UK marking the event, Kenya also planned to hold celebrations of the day in Nairobi with the Tropical Biology Association hosting at the National Museums of Kenya on 22 April 2020.

However, following the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, plans to hold the event have been cancelled and instead celebration held virtually. This however does not signify the end of Earth Optimism as we still hold conversations on conservation and sustainability as we plan for future events. We still continue to share stories around the themes that were set for the  2020 event which include:

  • Environmental conservation: species and habitats
  • Climate action: adaptation, mitigation and innovation
  • Sustainable food systems: ecological agriculture, food security and nutrition
  • Cross-cutting: community-level site action, research and capacity building

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