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2 June 2022

Need funding for your project? Want to get your paper published?

The Tropical Biology Association online courses will provide you with the skills you need.

Scientific Writing and Publishing will help you communicate the importance and impact of your work to the wider scientific community. Participants will gain all the essential skills and know-how they need to publish a scientific paper. You will learn how to structure your paper, how to write clearly and succinctly and how to present your results.  You will discover how the publication process works from selecting a journal to dealing with reviewers’ comments.

Writing Winning Proposals: a course on fundraising skills is for people who want to make a difference in conservation. This online course will help you take the next step in your conservation career by giving you:

  • Practical skills for developing winning grant proposals
  • Insights from the funders’ perspective into what funders are looking for
  • Knowledge of how to structure a proposal and communicate your project ideas
  • Expertise and confidence to help you stand out from the crowd

Both courses will be taught online, with live Zoom sessions and self-paced learning via the Tropical Biology Association’s virtual learning environment. Spread over six weeks, the weekly time commitment is four hours.

The fee for each course is £360, with scholarships available for students from low-income countries and a discount for booking early.

Fees from these courses support our training activities that are launching the careers of the next generation of conservationists.

Taught by the Tropical Biology Association (TBA)

Sponsored by MAVA Fondation Pour la Nature

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