Project Design and Impact

Course Dates:
19 April – 27 May 2022


This course has now ended.

Project Design and Impact 

Specialist Course

The need for robust conservation projects has never been more acute as we confront the global climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. That is why the Tropical Biology Association has developed a pathway to successful project design and impact measurement. The online course will be dynamic, interactive, and provide ample opportunity to get feedback on your ideas. It draws on many years’ experience of designing, delivering and monitoring successful and impactful projects.

The course has been specially developed by experienced conservation educators and is being led by the Director of the Tropical Biology Association – Dr Rosie Trevelyan. With small workshop numbers, dynamic learning, and interactive sessions, you will benefit from an online learning environment that fosters in-depth discussion, valuable feedback and will leave no questions left unanswered.

The course combines self-paced learning with live teaching sessions. It will give you ample opportunity to learn from each other and you will also receive feedback from the course tutors on your own work.

Useful Information

Format: Online –self-paced online learning through TBA’s virtual learning platform with live ZOOM sessions

Weekly time commitment: 4 hours
Places: 30 – 35
Length: 6 weeks
Price: GBP 360

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This course has now ended.

Who Is This Course For?

Do you want to develop a career in the conservation and environmental sector?  We have designed this course specifically for people who want to develop their professional skills and gain expertise in designing conservation and environmental projects.

Showcase the difference your projects will make.

Improve your fundraising success through presenting a well-designed projects with a clear pathway to impact.

Want to make a difference in the world. The Tropical Biology Association is a charity, launching careers of young conservationists from less-developed countries. Not only will you be joining a course that will improve your skillset, but you will be supporting us in all the work that we do, by boosting our training opportunities across Africa. 

What Is Covered In The Course?

  1. Planning for impact
  2. Measuring impact
  3. Logframes, monitoring & evaluation

1. Planning for impact
In this first module we shall explore conservation problems from the drivers and threats through to the effects that they have. Problem trees are a good way of examining problems and we shall look at ways you can develop your own problem trees to assist your project design. Being able to articulate the impact of your project is vital and should not be under-estimated. We shall look at ways to identify the actual impacts you need to achieve for a successful project.

2. Measuring impact
This module provides a simple and easy to understand guide to developing a logical structure and creating a theory of change for your project. You will learn about indicators – and how to choose them – and the role of baselines. As well as being important steps in project design, they are useful ways to communicate your project to others – such as funders. You will learn useful tools and techniques that you can apply to any project now and in the future.

3. Logframes, monitoring & evaluation
To help you build a better understanding of what a logframe is, and how you can use one to plan and monitor your project. You will also learn how to plan for monitoring your project’s progress towards achieving your impacts. It is important to realise that monitoring and evaluation activities should be built into your project design, they are not an add-on at the end.

How The Course Will Work

You will enrol in our virtual learning environment, carry out practical tasks and join four live interactive sessions. Much of the course can be completed offline and will be accessible from either a computer or smart phone.

This is a 6-week online course, divided into three modules. Most of the course can be completed at your own pace, with a deadline for completion a few days before the end of each module. This will allow you to complete your personal tasks and will give us enough time to give feedback on your work.

We have scheduled 4 interactive live teaching events. These will be dynamic sessions where you can meet each other, share ideas, form a network and receive personalised feedback and inputs from the expert teaching team.

19th April – 29th April (2 weeks) Planning for impact
• Welcome 19th April 3pm BST
• Review and Feedback 29th April 3pm BST
2nd May – 13th May (2 weeks) Measuring impact
• Review and Feedback 13th May 3pm BST
16th May – 27th May (2 weeks) Logframes, monitoring & evaluation
• Review and Feedback 27th May 3pm BST

This course has now ended.

What Our Attendees Say

“This training was what I have looked for since starting my conservation career.”

“The unique combination of independent learning and Zoom teaching was just perfect.”


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© 2022 Tropical Biology Association | Registered charity (no. 1116111)