The TBA Team

Dr Rosie Trevelyan

Director, Cambridge

Rosie is a passionate advocate of capacity building as a vital tool for effective conservation. A zoologist with a PhD from Oxford University, she has been at TBA from the beginning, creating the courses that TBA runs and making sure TBA’s teaching has real and lasting impact.

Rosie has been a leader, partner and contributor on a variety of conservation projects around the globe, ranging from institutional capacity building, through developing and testing teaching materials, to integrating social issues in conservation.

“Meeting so many dedicated conservationists from around the world is the most rewarding and inspiring part of my work.”

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Anthony Kuria

Head, African Office, Nairobi

Kuria’s role is to develop and manage our programmes in Africa. He has taught on field courses in Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar and Tanzania and numerous specialist courses. Kuria has been instrumental in supporting and strengthening the TBA alumni group movement.

Before joining the TBA in 1998, Kuria was a research associate in the Ornithology Department at the National Museums of Kenya. He has a Masters’ degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a Bachelors’ degree in Wildlife Management from Moi University, Kenya.

Kuria is an alumnus of TBA and began working with us because he believed in the TBA model, and because of his burning desire to transfer knowledge and mentor young people.

“I love being part of TBA because nothing is more satisfying for me than seeing my protegées grow in their career and become respectable conservation leaders.”


Dr Kevin Wallace

Course Coordinator, Cambridge

Much of Kevin’s research career has been in Southern Africa. He holds an MSc from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and a PhD from Imperial College London. Kevin has accumulated over ten years of practical field experience, many of those leading research teams in remote locations. He has worked in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. His interests range from mammal behaviour to crocodilian conservation as well as human-wildilfe conflict issues. Combined with several years of lecturing, Kevin is keen to develop more engaging teaching and learning techniques.

“I was always inspired by the great leaders of conservation such as David Attenborough. However, since I began lecturing and leading field courses this has shifted to the students becoming my inspiration. Seeing them achieve pushes me to challenge myself even further every day.”


Dr Faith Muniale

Programmes Manager, Nairobi

Faith’s primary duties involve managing and developing training projects and programmes under the Tropical Biology Association’s specialist training programme. Faith’s experience is majorly in community conservation and management of natural resources and she holds a BSc in Wildlife Management, Masters and PhD in Environmental Science. Faith has been a TBA alumni since 2004 and has enjoyed career support and training from several speciaist TBA courses.

I am empowered when I empower others with information, knowledge, and skills. Together we will be equipped to sustainably manage our natural resources.


Gregory Maina

Programmes Officer, Nairobi

Maina has been with the TBA team since 2007. In his current role as Programmes Officer he manages logistics for TBA courses, and for the Nairobi office. He is also responsible for maintaining the TBA Alumni database. Maina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management from Egerton University, Kenya.

Previously, he worked as a conservationist at Segera Ranch in Laikipia plateau, Central Kenya and has also been engaged in the development of strategic forest management plans for local communities in various parts of Kenya.

“My position in TBA gives me an opportunity to follow careers and academic progress of TBA alumni and it’s a pleasure seeing many of them start their conservation journey to become pacesetters in their respective careers.”


Monica Frisch

Office Manager, Cambridge

Monica keeps the Cambridge office running smoothly, a multi-tasking role which includes arranging travel, managing finance and producing publications.
She has long experience in secretarial and administrative roles, with forays into publishing, environmental research and teaching adult education courses. An enthusiastic amateur botanist, Monica has a keen interest in ecology, conservation and wider environmental issues.

“What I find satisfying about working for TBA is the positive feedback we get from our alumni who say how much they – and conservation – have benefitted from our courses.”


Itxaso Quintana

Communication Assistant Intern, Cambridge

Itxaso helps TBA promote the Citizen Science for Conservation in Africa (CISCA) programme. She holds a BSc in Biology from the University of the Basque Country, and an International Masters in Applied Ecology (IMAE – EMMC). She worked with the The Biodiversity and Development Institute (BDI) on Citizen Science projects in South Africa. Itaxso joined TBA because she believes that conservation can only be done together with people. She loves travelling and discovering nature around the world.

“I am inspired by the natural wonders of this world. Listening and learning from conservationist doing fascinating work to protect our environment keeps me optimistic and inspired!”

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