Breaking new ground in Bryophyte research

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5 March 2015

Lova Marline (TBA field course, Kirindy 2010) has won a Green Talents 2014 Award for her research on bryophytes in Madagascar. Lova was one of 25 young people selected from a strong field of over 800 applicants from all over the world. Green Talent is an internationally recognised prize for young scientists in the field of sustainability research, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Sharing the news with TBA, Lova said she was delighted that the award recognises her as a pioneer of bryophyte research in Madagascar. Her focus is understanding the factors affecting diversity and distribution of bryophytes in Madagascar under a changing environment. Lova is seeking innovative uses for the study of these plants, including the role of bryophytes as sensitive bio-indicators of climate change and their use as models in the design of new protected areas.

Lova’s strong academic record impressed the jury: her initiative and determination under difficult research conditions has won her national and international scholarships — including a place on the 2010 TBA field course in Kirindy. She is currently working towards a PhD  at the University of Cape Town. Lova believes that her experience in Kirindy was a key factor in the development of her work to date. She urges more students to apply for the award in future.

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